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Orange Park Woman Living out of Car, Annoying the Neighbors

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A transgender woman from a community in Orange Park, Florida is making some waves. She’s currently living out of her white Chevy Camaro, parked on the edge of a swampy two-acre plot of land she recently purchased for the bargain price of $5k.

As John Gordon, one of the local neighbors, articulates: “There’s a tarp on her car and it’s on the side of the road, so initially when you drive by it looks like it has been abandoned or there’s been an accident.”


john gordon

Area resident, John Gordon, voicing the neighborhood’s complaints.
Photo: First Coast News

It’s no accident, however. Apparently the owner, 30-year-old Athena Cadence, is waiting for financing to build a new home on the property. Local officials said that Cadence has a GoFundMe page, to help raise funds for this goal.

Interestingly enough, the property hasn’t yet been inspected, so it’s unsure if the soggy plot of land is even suitable for a house.

Per a First Coats News interview with Cadence’s mother, both Cadence and her mother are currently trying to change the Orange Park legislation regarding camping on personal land. Cadence might just wait the next year out, until she gets her house building plans approved.


Cadence’s makeshift mailbox on her newly-bought swampland
Photo: First Coast News

Whatever the case, the local residents are quite displeased. “The neighbors would like it better if the car was pulled out and it all just went away,” as Gordon expressed.

You have to question why any person would want to build a house on swampland and start raking in the necessary funds to build it when an inspection hasn’t occurred. Regardless of Cadence’s plans get approved and she is able to follow through with her “little house on the swamp,” she’s at least succeeded in crashing news headlines nationwide.

News Source: First Coast News