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Oregon Couple Saved from Wreck by Football Team

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Youth Football Team

You’ve probably seen videos before of people teaming up for the ultimate rescue. Whether it’s picking a car off of a trapped motorcyclist or reaching down a slope to help a truck driver, we can all accomplish some truly astonishing stuff when we work together. The latest group of heroes recognized in the media is a traveling football team from Iowa that plucked an Oregon couple out of their overturned car.

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The Boise Black Knights football team was returning home from a competition in California and was in Oregon when whey spotted an SUV overturned on the side of the road. The team, made up of players 13 years old and under, got out to assist the victims. They managed to pull the man free from the vehicle, but the woman was caught under the SUV’s weight. The Black Knights then worked together to lift the car up and cut the seatbelt so the woman could be pulled free. Of course, since this is the age of social media, the whole thing was captured on a camera phone.

There is no word currently on the condition of the couple, but Coach Rudy Jackson got emotional talking about the incident with Good Morning America. “…I’ve watched these boys grow. And they came a long way. They’re amazing young men.” Naturally, the boys interviewed by ABC News attributed their rescue job to the hard work of their coach, since he taught them how to be selfless.

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In the world we live in today, it’s nice to see a story about the strength of humanity and how good we can truly be when we all have a common goal.

News Source: Good Morning America/ABC