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5 Organizational Tips for Your Glove Box

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cluttered glovebox with tissues, sunglasses, and owners' manual
Photo: The News Wheel

If you have a habit of shoving pieces of paperwork or objects into your glove box as soon as you get them, it won’t take long for the compartment to become a cluttered mess. Follow these organizational tips to make the glove box a neater and tidier area.

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1. Clean it out

Before you can organize the glove compartment, you have to first remove all of its items and clean it out. If it’s made of plastic or vinyl, use simple soap and water to wipe it down. If it has a velvet interior, use a lint brush to remove crumbs and dust.

2. Separate the items

Place your items into different piles based on their purpose, making sure to also include a throwaway pile for expired paperwork and trash. It’s a good idea to have separate piles for any important documents, cleaning supplies, and first-aid gear you have.

organized glove box with paperwork envelope on top
It’s easy to find your documents when they’re in the same place
Photo: The News Wheel

3. Rearrange your documents

Put your registration, proof of insurance, and other documents into a folder or plastic sleeve so that you can easily access them from the glove box when needed. If you often check certain pages of your owner’s manual, bookmark them to reduce your time spent searching for them.

4. Make a first-aid kit

Place any bandages, meds, and ointments in a spare container to make your very own first-aid kit. Makeup and pencil bags both work well as kits. If you don’t currently have any medical supplies in your car, consider adding these essentials to your glove compartment.

One organizational tip is to have a first-aid kit in your glove box.
A homemade first-aid kit
Photo: The News Wheel

5. Gather your cleaning supplies

Keep hand sanitizer, travel wipes, and napkins together in a bag. This way you can quickly grab what you need to clean off your hands after eating a snack or filling up the tank. Put disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies together as well so they’re easy to find.

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By keeping these organizational tips in mind, you’ll be able to conveniently grab what you need without having to dig through your glove box.