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Paint Your Car a Color that Suits Your Budget, Personality, and Driving Future

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Ever walk into a home improvement store and become overwhelmed by the infinite number of paint choices? Who knew there were so many blues in the world?

Although picking a paint color for a car is not as involved as choosing one for your walls—car manufacturer’s list of available colors pale to the amount at your local paint store—it’s still not an easy decision. You think it will be, but it’s not. And, often drivers go with their gut—their comfortable gut, since research by PPG Industries shows most people opt for neutral and safe colors like white, black and silver.

And, although going with your gut is often a good way to make decisions, it’s not the only thing you should consider when choosing your car’s hue, especially if your gut is feeling a bit bloated with indecision.

According to writer Ian Swan, you should choose one that truly works for you. Swan recommends selecting a paint color that stand outs yet camouflages mud, dirt, and debris. In other words, don’t just pick the color you like the best or because it matches your eyes. writer Sharon Riley warns that choosing a pricey color/finish usually translates into expensive maintenance. She recommends checking the window sticker before making a decision on color and finish.

Taking time to figure out what you want your car to say about you is another way to get closer to making your decision, according to Swan.

“Consider if you want your car to stand out from the rest and if you want to be seen as stylish, sophisticate, or trendy. Conversely, you may want your car to blend in with the crowd so that it does not stand out,” reports Swan.

If you are struggling with your top two or top three choices, Swan recommends factoring in how the paint color will fit with your car’s model and make.

“While yellow might look great on a sports car, it might not suit your pickup truck. Red can be a great color for many models, but could easily overpower a conservative sedan,” writes Swan. “Consider both your driving personality and the car that you drive while deciding between your final car paint color options.”

A new car is a hefty purchase—make sure the color you choose protects your investment wisely.

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