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Paragon Lowering Collars Minimize C8 Corvette Wheel Gaps

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2020 Chevy Corvette C8
Photo: Chevrolet

Love your new Chevy Corvette C8 but could do without its unsightly wheel gaps? You’re in luck. There’s now a cool new aftermarket part you can purchase to eliminate this gap.

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The dilemma and a solution

It’s a front lift lowering collar and it’s available from Paragon Performance. Per the manufacturer, it lets you manually adjust the ride height of your ‘Vette. It lowers the front end .75 inches, to be exact (which matches the factory rear max adjustment setting, according to Paragon).

If you’re not familiar with the C8’s ride height dilemma, it’s worth noting that this problem exists for certain configurations of this model, as GM Authority’s Jonathan Lopez reports. (Particularly if you happen to have a C8 equipped with both the Z51 Performance Suspension and the Front Lift Suspension option.)

More about the lowering collars

Paragon designed this accessory in-house using CAD software. The team tested a couple of 3D-printed versions to evaluate the product’s lowering capabilities and make sure it had the perfect fit when installed on a C8 model. The accessory then went into production mode, relying on a CNC-machines manufacturing process.

Not only is the lowering collar made from 6061 Aluminum, but it comes in anodized black with a laser logo and can come with a Mag Ride socket and de-pin tool to make do-it-yourself installs easier. Lastly, it has a lifetime warranty to ensure that you can customize your C8’s ride height for many years to come.

At the time of writing, the lowering collars range from $99 to just under $140, depending on whether you want to add on a Mag Ride Socket and De-Pin Tool. Though you can install them on your own, save yourself some time and stress by having a local dealership’s service department do it. Regardless of how you choose to install it, though, this accessory is just one more way to tweak the Corvette C8 to your liking.

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