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Paris Will Go Car-Free Again For One Day in September

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Car-Free Day in Paris

Paris has announced another car-free day in September
Photo: Anna Hidalgo

Over the past few years, Paris has been working to decrease its pollution problems. To do so, it’s instituted a number of partial car bans throughout the city on certain days. It has even gone so far as to consider banning all cars registered before 1997 inside its city limits. Now, as part of another move to decrease pollution, the City of Light has decided to have one day in September that will keep cars off the street.

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The car-free day will be held on Sunday, September 25th. From the 11am to 6pm, Parisians won’t be able to drive their vehicles through the majority of the city. Last year, the ban was limited mostly to central Paris, where the majority of tourists linger. Now, the ban will expand to almost all of the arrondissements within the city limits. City hall believes that this ban will leave 400 miles of pavement—including the heavy tourist areas—mostly car-free.

Despite claiming to be car-free, the ban won’t stretch to emergency vehicle and law enforcement officials. Taxis will still be able to operate, too, along with the city’s buses. The city has made it clear, though, that there will be no personal or work travel allowed, with the only exception being a medical emergency.

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To celebrate this day of no cars, the city will hold a huge fair that includes parades, street art, kid-friendly activities, game booths, and live music. A huge picnic will also happen downtown, so Parisians are encouraged to take part and bring their own lunch.

Through this ban, Paris officials hope to encourage their citizens to give up car ownership, instead looking into other transportation methods, such as public transportation and biking.

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