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Parking Jerks Get Sassed by Puppet Toad

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Glove_and_bootsThere is a special circle of the underworld reserved for people who don’t park correctly. We’re not just talking about people with poor maneuvering, but also about people who clearly have the skills and choose not to use them. We’re looking at you, luxury car drivers that straddle a parking spot line to take two spots and protect your investment. This month, we found a puppet toad that finally gave voice to our inner thoughts.

That toad was Johnny T, a resident of Brooklyn who appears on the Glove and Boots YouTube channel occasionally to see his cousin, Fafa the Groundhog (don’t hurt your brain thinking too much about how that works). In recent months, Johnny T has had his own video segments on the channel with topics like how to not be a jerk when visiting New York, how to properly use the subway, and why it sucks to love the Yankees. The video released on October 19th was simply called “Don’t Park Like a Jerk,” and it covered all types of parking, from cars in lots to butts in seats. Take a look at it below.

As Johnny T points out, we all had to prove we can park to get our driver’s licenses, so there should be no excuse for anyone that can’t get their car properly between the lines. Besides, bad parking just leads to the demise of all law and order on the roads. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t buy my dainty Ford Focus to battle it out Mad Max-style on the highway.

If you have a chance, we encourage you to check out the rest of Glove and Boots’ videos. They’re pretty funny, and the honesty of Johnny T is pretty refreshing.