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Paxpower Unleashes the Raptor-Busting Silverado Jackal

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Although Paxpower is best known for its modified Ford trucks, the company’s team of experts loves GM models just as much. That’s why they’ve created the Silverado Jackal, designed to rival the Raptor in every regard. Here’s a look at the off-road behemoth.

Three stages of off-road goodness

The Jackal comes in three “stages,” which are basically trim levels. A Stage 1 Jackal boasts a ram air hood, a custom exterior, and wider fender flares along with 17-inch wheels and 35-inch tires. Plus, it boasts King shocks, 2.5-inch coilovers, and upper control arms. This set of mods will cost you $14,950.

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Stage 2 will set you back $10,000 more. It brings custom-made fenders and wider bedsides. It’s a fair bit beefier than your standard Silverado, too — it boasts a 4-inch lift and a stance that’s wider by 6 inches. Mechanically, it sports upgraded shocks a prerunner kit in the front, and a 22-horsepower gain that doesn’t invalidate the factory warranty. You can also choose from a variety of wheel styles — just to put an even more exclusive spin on the Jackal.

If you’re looking to go all-out, choose Stage 3. Shell out another $10,000 to receive Deaver rear leaf springs, Front Fog and Reverse Cube Lights, exclusively designed bumpers, and a ton of GM performance parts. Thanks to those rugged parts and durable accessories, it’s built to withstand even the roughest rides.

All Jackals boast a boosted version of the Silverado’s 6.2-liter V8 engine. This upgraded mill is equipped with GM-produced parts, including a dual exhaust system, a cold-air intake system, and performance calibration. Thanks to these modifications, this dynamo delivers 442 horsepower, 475 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds.

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Obtaining your own Jackal

You can buy the base Silverado at a dealership and even finance the upgrades with GM Credit. It takes Paxpower about three weeks to complete the upgrades, and once it’s complete, the company will even ship it right to your home.

Source: Paxpower