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Pennsylvania Man Hoards 50 Cars in Barn

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classic Chevrolet Chevelle Cabriolet
Pictured: Chevrolet Chevelle Cabriolet
Photo: Pixabay

Recently, we explored some of the psychological reasons behind car hoarding. Regardless of whether you’re for or against this habit (or well-intentioned hobby?), a recent headline out of Pennsylvania makes for an interesting story.

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The discovery

YouTuber Matt Murray, who runs the channel Iron Trap Garage, recently investigated a tip he received about a car stash inside of a Pennsylvanian barn. Per MSN, he found 50 diverse vintage cars ranging from Corvettes and fin cars to Mustangs and 1930s street rods.

The collection belongs to car hoarder Larry Schroll, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years back in 2018. The vehicles and extensive records that correspond to them testify to Schroll’s life-long love affair with cars.

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The collection

According to MSN, the cars will be sold at different estate sales this year. The first 10 cars will get auctioned off this April. Murray spotlights the different vehicles he found inside of Schroll’s barn in the video below.

The video depicts a ’55 Thunderbird that Schroll brought home in 1986 with red and white upholstery as well as a mint-condition dashboard and carpet. There’s also a red 1965 Ford Mustang outfitted with power steering, disc brakes, a factory AC system, and a 289-cubic-inch V8 engine.

If you attend one of these auctions, you’ll also have a few GM models to pick from. Murray’s video portrays a vivacious ’54 Corvette in Sportsman Red; it’s just one of the 100 cars with this exterior shade for that model year. You could also claim a second-gen Buick Riviera or early Corvair coupe.

Other models that will go to auction include a 1961 Mercury Comet, 1962 Plymouth Valiant, 1960 Chrysler Windsor, Mark IV Lincoln Continental, 1959 Dodge Royal, and two VW Beetles.

Check out the video for yourself to see some of the classic rides from Schroll’s barn. Even if you’re not in the market for a new vintage car, it’s always fun to see what’s out there if you have enough money.