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[PHOTO] Corvette Vision Gran Turismo Concept Teased

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Facebook fans of the Corvette page got a special treat on Monday, when the gurus running the page teased the all-new Corvette Vision Gran Turismo concept ahead of its actual reveal. Check out the photo below.

Corvette Vision Gran Turismo concept

The Corvette Vision Gran Turismo concept

The Corvette folks also included this message in the post: “When you combine the passion of the video gamer community with the passion of Corvette fans, you get the surprise we have in store for you in a few days. Stay tuned.”

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The Vision Gran Turismo project tasks automakers with dreaming up their own vision of Gran Turismo. Then the automakers must interpret that dream into an actual design that embodies what Gran Turismo is to them. From that idea, the Corvette Vision Gran Turismo concept was born.

It’s hard to make out exactly what’s going on in the teaser photo. Among the intense flare, you can kind of make out a red bowtie. Other than that, it’s pretty difficult to decipher. And we’re sure that that’s exactly what Corvette intended.

The post itself was vague, promising we’d get it in a few days. Hopefully, we get our answer today or tomorrow.

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