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[PHOTOS] 2016 Dragon Con Parade Features Custom Movie & TV Cars

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Power Racing Series themed vehicles at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

The Power Racing Series shows off their custom creations at the parade

Over Labor Day weekend, downtown Atlanta was packed with visitors for the 30th annual Dragon Con pop culture convention. Attracting over 70,000 attendees this year–and many locals interested in seeing the wide array of costumes–the 2016 convention packed the streets with colorful characters.

One of the biggest highlights of the convention every year is the gigantic parade through the streets of downtown Atlanta, winding down through Peachtree Street. While the costumes of all shapes and sizes on display were undeniably impressive, auto enthusiasts got a treat with a handful of customized vehicles paying homage to beloved movies and TV shows.

See how many of these iconic cars you can recognize!

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Photo Gallery of TV and Movie Cars in Atlanta Dragon Con Parade

One of the highlights was a customized 2005 Dodge Power Wagon modified with a long list of emergency items, including an air compressor, power supply, spare fuel, gas masks, kayak, medical kits, shelter, chain saw, firearms, and much more. And what is all this for? The zombie apocalypse, of course! The truck was created by local CERT member and volunteer policeman Robert Bean.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Tactical Response Field Unit Truck at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Dodge Power Wagon transformed into a working emergency response vehicle…and also for hunting zombies

Men in Black MIB Ford Taurus at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Ford Taurus turned into the Men in Black car

Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Jeep Wrangler transformed into Jurassic Park transport vehicle

Dodge Monaco Blues Brothers Car at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Dodge Monaco turned into a spot-on replica of the Blues Brothers car

Blue Toyota Yaris Dr. Who Tardis car at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Toyota Yaris transformed into a Tardis on wheels

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Red Ford Mustang NSYNC Joey Chris at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Ford Mustang carrying *NSYNC members Joey and Chris

Honda Ridgeline Ghosbusters mobile at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Honda Ridgeline turned into an unusual Ghostbusters mobile

Cult of Marriott Carpet Ford F-150 at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

Honda Ridgeline honoring the Marriott Hotel carpet

Back to the Future DeLorean Car at Dragon Con Atlanta Parade

DeLorean DMC-12 like the one from Back to the Future