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[PHOTOS] Indulge Your Inner Plutocrat with This $350K Armored Escalade

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Photo: AddArmor

If you’re the type of person who’s in the market for an armored Cadillac Escalade, you probably won’t flinch when you hear how much a Wyoming company is charging to customize the luxury SUV with carbon-composite panels, bulletproof glass, electic-shock door handles, and an anti-jamming satellite communications system.

For a mere $350,000, you can protect yourself from the pitchfork-wielding, grenade-hurling proletariat inside the Executive Protection Package Escalade from AddArmor.

“This truck not only features the best in lightweight, modern armoring alongside a host of other hidden countermeasures, but also presents it all inside a luxurious package,” said AddArmor President Jeff Engen Anderson.

Let’s take a closer look at this upfitted Escalade, which is sure to be the envy of all the other cartels and opioid-peddling pharmaceutical executives. For starters, it’s bolstered by custom-fitted carbon-composite interior panels that, according to AddArmor, are “10 times stronger than ballistic steel and weigh 60 percent less.” The multilayered ballistic glass windows are designed to stop everything from cinder blocks to high-powered rifle shots. Run-flat tires, a heavy-duty suspension, enlarged brakes, and barricade-busting bumpers will help you make a clean getaway.

Escalade Minus Armor: Take a closer look at the iconic luxury SUV

Photo: AddArmor

Encased inside this custom Escalade, you’ll have plenty of electronic tools at your fingertips for calling in reinforcements or detecting a paramilitary strike. Highlights include an anti-jamming satellite communications system, 360-degree night-vision technology, and a satellite-activated emergency phone and data system (kind of like OnStar, except manned by mercenaries) that’s operated by AddArmor.  

To indulge your inner James Bond (or, let’s be honest, your inner Bond villain), this Escalade comes with a counterattack sound cannon, pepper-spray dispensers, electric-shock door handles, secret gun ports, hidden lockboxes, and a smokescreen system.

Continuing the Bond theme, the Escalade’s interior features a custom bar and draining ice chest, LED mood lighting, and an Alcantara suede headliner. For binge-watching billionaires, there’s a 32-inch high-definition TV with HBO, Apple TV, and DirecTV access, not to mention onboard Wi-Fi, smartphone integration, and Sony surround sound.

If you’re only a lowly aspiring tycoon or international arms dealer, AddArmor will be happy to work with you, too. More modest protection packages start at “just” $28,000.

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