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[VIDEO] Comedian Spike Feresten Will Play Car Matchmaker

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SPIKE FERESTEN Car matchmaker 2

Spike Feresten is ready to hook people up… with cars!
Photo: Esquire Network

Still wandering through life hollow and loveless? Stuck in a dead-end relationship you’re ready to get out of? Jealous of other people’s happiness while hiding your own lack of fulfillment?

Don’t be ashamed to admit it– more people in the world have bad relationships with their cars. They just need a little help from “relationship” experts.

Hence, energetic Spike Feresten descends on California to change lives with his new series: Car Matchmaker.

Watch the trailer for it here!

Spike Feresten Will Hook You Up As Humorous Car Matchmaker

SPIKE FERESTEN Car matchmaker 1

Photo: Esquire Network

Most of us haven’t heard of funnyman Spike Feresten. His comedic repertoire rarely involves being in front of the camera, apart from a short-lived talk show. But, undoubtedly you’ve read his work on episodes of Seinfeld, Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, and The Simpsons.

He also looks like Dana Carvey’s younger hipster brother.

“I’ve created this new series,” says Feresten in his television trailer for Car Matchmaker. “The writer guy goes out to find cars for people that matches their life…or car matchmaker!”

The clientele in each episode will vary in wealth and demographic, such as the premiere episode involving a  freelance comic artist, model, and surfing DJ. After getting to know each participant, Spike Feresten will draw upon his knowledge to offer three car options for each person. One car will be selected by the guest.

SPIKE FERESTEN Car matchmaker 3

Photo: Esquire Network

Throughout the 13-episode freshman season of Car Matchmaker, expect various comedian cameos like Will Forte, Seth Meyers, Jerry Seinfeld (obviously), and– so we’ve been promised– Fabio.

If there’s anything we could already surmise, it’s that someone who knows Jerry Seinfeld and wrote for his show has to have some appreciation for cars.

The first episode of Car Matchmaker premieres on October 14th at 9pm/8c on Esquire Network.

You can watch the ad for the premiere before it airs:

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