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Piloti Limited Edition Chevy Camaro Fifty Racing Shoes Review

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Lace up in a piece of automotive history

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoes review Design quality

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There are few vehicles that rival the legacy and performance of the Chevrolet Camaro. For half a century, this muscle car has defined its segment and carried the bowtie brand’s torch.

To celebrate the model’s 50th anniversary, premium apparel company Piloti has released a limited edition of its signature racing shoe with the style and branding of the Camaro.

Piloti Camaro 50th Limited Edition Racing Shoes

Manufacturer: Piloti Inc.
Product: Spyder S1 racing shoes in Camaro Fifty edition
Size: Currently available in men’s sizes 6-11
MSRP: $135.00
UPC: 62790200727
Website: https://piloti.com/us/

Product Information: What Are Racing Shoes?

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoe review label stitchingBack in 1999, a sport shoe designer established the Piloti brand (Italian for “drivers”) to provide professional and high-profile drivers with technologically advanced and specially designed shoes for use behind the wheel of a car. They feature a patented Roll Control spherical heel and cushion, fire-resistant DuPont Nomex lining, Polyurethane/EVA midsole, and mesh lining for breathability.

Taking color and branding cues from the anniversary edition Camaro, Piloti has partnered with General Motors to produce 600 officially-licensed Camaro Fifty driving shoes. Charcoal suede with orange accents, these branded beauties are based on Piloti’s Spyder S1 shoes.

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoe review box packaging

Product Packaging/Quality

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoes review lacesPiloti’s shoes come in a standard cardboard shoe box like any other pair would; the brand name is printed in red across the top and the shoe specs (size, color, style) are printed on a sticker across the side. With its thick cardboard and attached, hinged top, the box is actually sturdier than most cheaply-made shoe boxes and can be used for storage. I particularly like that the same “old fashioned tire tread” pattern on the shoes’ soles is printed across the box in a glossy background pattern.

But enough about the box–it’s what’s inside the box that we’re here for.

Upon opening the lid, you’ll see a pair of shoes wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed with packing paper. The shoes I received were pristine. The double-stitching is tight, the sole adhesive is solid, the rubber is sturdy, and the cloth materials are fine condition. I didn’t see any signs of fraying, splits, creasing, or holes. The rigid reinforcement in the heel counter is particularly welcome.

These special Camaro Fifty Piloti shoes have the name stitched onto the outer quarter and the  car name/logo in rubber on the tongue of both shoes. The use of contrasted stitching, laces, and heel tab color is simply stunning.

Instructions & Learning to Use Product

There aren’t any instructions on how to use these racing shoes, but then again, most shoes don’t (unless you’ve purchased some weird experimental exercise shoes). Presumably, if you’ve already purchased these shoes from Piloti–or are even considering them–you already know what they’re for.

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoes review pedal wearing

Overall Assessment: Does It Do What It Claims?

Few items I interact with on a daily basis do I consider my nemesis more than shoes. I’ve never been fond of having to wear them. As a child, I would always go barefoot; heck, I still do when I’m at the office. I drag my heels when I walk–blunting the heel–and shred the collar because I don’t take time to untie my shoes before slipping them on.

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoe review treadIt always feels like I fighting against shoes when I wear them. Well, I can’t say “always” anymore. I’ve been wearing these Piloti racing shoes for multiple weeks now and it feels like they meld with my feet; that’s high praise coming from me.

The rounded heel makes all the difference; most people don’t walk flat-footed by lifting their entire foot; they roll their steps. Thus, these cushioned, rounded heels feels natural–without being excessively angled. The arch support and wide toe tip also added to my comfort.

Piloti Chevrolet Camaro Fifty 50 Racing shoes review tongueWhile the shoes are comfortable for everyday use–as long as it doesn’t involve much idle standing–they truly shine behind the wheel, as they were meant to. That rolled heel and flat sole support the rocking motion of operating pedals of a car rather than fighting against it. Because of the shoe design, the motion is smooth, swift, and comfortable. I do recommend getting half-a-size bigger than your usual shoe size, though.

If you spend a lot of time driving and want a shoe that’s designed for such use, or if you want a shoe to add to your ensemble of racing-themed accessories, I highly recommend Piloti’s racing shoes. The limited edition Camaro Fifty version is attractive and a solid tribute to Chevy’s revered muscle car, but I trust that the rest of Piloti’s podiatric merchandise is of equal caliber.

Piloti’s Camaro Fifty and other racing shoes are available via the company’s website and chevymall.com.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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