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Pink Mary Kay Cadillacs Are a Mainstay

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Pink Mary Kay Cadillacs Are a Mainstay

Pink Mary Kay Cadillacs assembled for the company’s 50th Anniversary
Photo courtesy of Mary Kay

This year marks the 45th year of the pink Mary Kay Cadillacs being awarded to the company’s top salesmen and –women. Mary Kay Cosmetics feels that a pink Caddy is still the ultimate goal for its salespeople to strive toward, even as its sales force becomes younger and possibly less attached to the Cadillac name.

The pink Mary Kay Cadillac has become so iconic, in fact, that it has its own Twitter page. As Brand Channel points out, it even “dressed up” in multiple Halloween costumes this year and asked for fan favorites. (Costumes include Miss Piggy, Superwoman, Pink Panther, and Glinda.)

The tradition of awarding pink Cadillacs began when Mary Kay Ash first bought five Cadillac Coupe de Villes and had them repainted “Mountain Laurel Blush” before awarding her salespeople. Since then, the company has handed out more than 100,000 pink Cadillacs.

While the pink Cadillac is here to stay, another automaker is on the outs with Mary Kay. The company used to dole out black Ford Mustangs to its second tier salespeople, who were just a step away from the pink Caddy, but the company has now shifted to a black BMW 320i, to appeal to a younger crowd.

Congrats, Cadillac and BMW, and better luck next time, Ford.

News Source: Brand Channel