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Pirelli’s P Zero Sound Speaker Caters to Car-Loving Audiophiles

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If you’re in the market for an auto-inspired gadget for your home or office, look no further than the P Zero Sound speaker. Born out of a collaboration between Pirelli and Italian car audio specialist iXoost, this speaker lends a car-themed vibe to any room. Pirelli based the speaker’s design on the wind tunnel, a tool that F1 racing tames and car manufacturers use to perform aerodynamic tests.

The P Zero Sound speaker includes an amplifier, 100mm midwoofer, and a 100-watt digital processor. In addition, Bluetooth capability allows you to sync it to your favorite playlists stored on your phone. It measures 12.9-inches in diameter and weighs 21 pounds. That makes it perfect for sprucing up that bland corner of your desk or the living room coffee table.

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It also comes in a range of colors to suit different preferences. Some of the available shades include Hard Ice Blue, Supersoft Red, Soft Yellow, and Intermediate Green. The range of available hues will make it easy to coordinate with your personal decor.

The P Zero Sound speaker does come with a hefty price tag. 2,400 euros (which translates to approximately $2,800). If cost isn’t a concern, this gadget promises to be an art piece that provide visual and aural engagement for years to come. However, the rest of us will have to enjoy the sounds of this affluent speaker in our daydreams.

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