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Pittsburgh Garage Ready to Catch Crashed Cars

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Snyder Brothers Automotive
The title of this post, “Garage Ready to Catch Crashed Cars,” might sound like the start of a new advertisement for an independent auto shop. Shockingly, it is not, because this auto shop does not need any more promotion, since the work is literally flying into the lot. It also gives a lot of merit to the “location, location, location” mantra of real estate.

Okay, we are done teasing you. This story is really about the Snyder Brothers Automotive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and their great spot on the side of the Penn Lincoln Parkway, or Highway 376. The shop is in an area of land between the large highway and an exit ramp leading to Campbells Run Rd. As with many exit ramps, drivers need to slow down when taking the sharp curve off of the highway, especially if it is wet or icy outside.

Well, one driver decided to ignore the signs on the exit telling him to slow down, and he failed to make the exit’s curve. Instead, he drove off of the ramp, launched into the air to fly between the two posts of the Snyder Brothers sign like a football field goal, and landed right in front of the doors to the repair shop. The driver managed to escape uninjured, but you have to admit that his choice of landing spot is pretty convenient, considering how much work the car will now need.

See the accident and interview with the shop owner before. This is actually the eighth time in nine years that a similar accident has occurred, and they will be contacting the Department of Transportation with concerns about how frequently cars fly off of the ramp. We’re sure that they appreciate the work, but soon luck will run out and someone could get more seriously hurt.

News Source: Jalopnik