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PSA: Please Stop Applying Makeup While Driving

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woman applying makeup while driving distracted
Her lip gloss may be poppin’, but the cops definitely don’t care
Photo: Staff Sgt. Chad Warren

While some might think the topic of distracted driving is worn out and tired, our team at The News Wheel feels the need to continue to stress the importance of staying alert and attentive while behind the wheel. According to insurance comparison site The Zebra, distracted driving causes approximately 3,500 deaths per year and nearly 1,000 people are injured daily in accidents where at least one driver is distracted. In case you weren’t sure, applying makeup while driving falls into that category, ya goof.

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I get it; life is hectic and it seems like humans are now busier than ever. Smoothies for breakfast and setting out clothes the night before are great options for making your mornings easier. But putting on mascara while cruising the streets? Nah, don’t do that. Unfortunately, 24 percent of women admitted to committing this offense when asked by Not only that, but 13 percent said they even poked their eye with a mascara wand while driving. Do you WANT to look like Mad-Eye Moody for the rest of your life?

When breaking down the types of cosmetics by their importance, per those surveyed, the top product was lip gloss at 35 percent. (Damn you, Lil Mama.) Mascara came in at a close second at 30 percent while 25 percent of women named lipstick as their top product. But quite possibly the most ridiculous statistic to come out of the survey was that 10 percent of women said they felt skilled enough to apply makeup while driving.

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This is the part where I say it’s illegal to apply makeup while driving!!! Truth be told, there is no law with those specific parameters, but applying makeup does fall under the “distracted driving” category (obviously). In states like California and Oregon, you could be fined up to $1,000 while Wisconsin is a bit lax at just $20. Get it together, cheeseheads.

TLDR; Don’t apply makeup while driving or you could (1) literally kill someone, (2) seriously injure another person, (3) partially blind yourself, (4) get fined a crap-ton of money, or (5) all of the above.

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