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Police Officers Buy Car Seats for Young Mother

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Cop car police officers
Cop car
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If you’re looking for a story to warm your heart, you’ll want to keep reading. While police officers were conducting a traffic stop, they came across a woman in need of new car seats. As a gesture of goodwill, the police officers went out of their way to buy her some.

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The police officers’ good deed

On the night of September 20, police officers were conducting a routine traffic stop in Albany, Georgia. According to the Savannah Police Department, one of the cars the officers stopped was missing a license plate.

The driver of the car was a 21-year old woman. Inside the vehicle, the police officers found that the woman’s 1-year-old twins were not being properly restrained. Specifically, their car seats did not have harnesses installed.

The woman explained to the police that her car had been stolen recently, so she hadn’t placed a license plate on the car yet. The mother had also just begun working at a new job.

Upon hearing that, one of the officers went and purchased two brand new car seats so that each child could be more safe and secure in the car. While he was shopping, the other two officers kept the children entertained.

One of the officers is a dad-to-be, and his wife posted about the event on Facebook, saying, “He helped this little boy’s mama get a new car seat and was obsessed with him!”

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It’s always nice when a heartwarming moment is reported. If you have children who are within the age range that car seats are required, be sure they are strapped in correctly before driving.  

News Source: WVTM 13