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Police Return Stolen Car With Unexpected Gifts (Including Cocaine)

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When your car is stolen, probably the only thing that you really want is your car back.

So, when a woman from Calgary, Canada, received her car back from the police, she hit the proverbial jackpot. That is, if she likes cocaine, crack, and shooting pellet guns.

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It's a trap

Somehow, this seems like a trap

After police recovered Courtney Pickering’s car, she found a small bag of cocaine in one of the cupholders, then later a knife in the front door pocket, a crack pipe in the back seat, a length of pipe, a pellet gun, a hammer, four pieces of ID, and some flip-flops.

After finding the cocaine, Pickering asked a lot worker what she should do with the baggie of hard narcotics, and the worker told her to just throw it on the ground.

Parking garage

“Yeah, we’re trying this new strategy for getting rid of rats. It makes them think they are too smart to be caught in the traps.”

She did so, but after she returned to the car and found the crack pipe, IDs in the glove box, the knife, and the pipe, she called police, who came and removed the evidence.

She found the gun after towing the vehicle to a repair shop.

Pickering was not happy about all of these discoveries (apparently, she is not a crack or cocaine fan). She told The Star, “At this point, I can’t tell if it’s real or fake, but all I know is my hands have been on too many illegal things in the past 24 hours and I didn’t want any more.”

She filed a complaint with the police. As she said, “Think of the tax dollars that could’ve been saved if they had just given it 10 minutes more than they did.”

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