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How to Polish Your Car Yourself

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How to Polish Your CarGetting your car professionally cleaned can cost a pretty penny—especially if you ask them to add some waxing to the mix. With warmer weather heading our way, we’ve got just the thing for you! If you’re looking to extend your car’s shiny coat all year around without breaking the bank, here are some tips on how to polish your car all on your own.

Gather the needed materials:

  • Materials to wash your car by hand
  • Three car-friendly, clean, dry chamois towels
  • A lightly abrasive car polish (available at automotive stores)
  • Foam applicator pad

Before you buff, wash. It’s important to make sure your car is clean before you can touch it with any polish. Washing it by hand will ensure that you remove all surface dirt and foreign material—a.k.a. bird poop and tree sap—that could potentially keep you from getting that nice sparkle you’re looking for.

Dry the vehicle. Either let the vehicle air dry or use a chamois cloth to dry the car by hand. Make sure you don’t leave any lint behind!

Apply car polish with foam applicator pad. A mildly abrasive car polish, which you can find at any automotive store, will help remove any blemishes you might have on your car’s surface, while also restoring a perfect finish for future waxing. Using a fresh pad will ensure top-notch results. Also, make sure you’re not mixing products on the same pad.

Take one small section at a time. Work small section by small section, applying the car polish and then using overlapping, varied strokes with a clean, dry chamois towel to ensure that any blemishes are rounded out. As you continue to rub the polish, it should become increasingly transparent.

Buff off any remaining polish. Use your third clean, dry chamois towel to remove any of the remaining film of polish residue.

After you follow these steps, your car should shine like new! Do you have any of your own tips? Share them with us below!