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Polish City Hosts Motorsport Event for Deaf and Blind Drivers

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Deaf and Blind Motorsport Event

Individuals with sight and hearing impairments got the opportunity to race earlier this month in Poland
Photo: AFP News

If you thought a hearing or sight impairment would stop someone from joining a motorsport competition, think again. Earlier this month in Lodzare, Poland, people with hearing and sight impairments defied stereotypes by learning how to race cars.

The event was held on an airport’s runway. As the individuals with impairments took to the road, the relied on a skilled co-driver/instructor to give them tactile input, telling them when to turn, accelerate, or stop.

Watch the drivers take the on the course below.

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During the event, there were no crashes reported and, as the video shows, many of the drivers raced along just fine. Not all of the people participating in the race had the same level of impairment. While there were individuals who were completely devoid of the ability to see or hear, relying solely on the passenger’s directional knee prods to stay on course, there were also individuals that could still see or hear to some degree.

This type of event proves that regardless of the obstacle, you can overcome it and do something that others might not expect you to do. If that’s not inspirational, then we don’t know what is.

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News Source: AFP News