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Politicians Test Drive i-Road on Capitol Hill

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Politicians Test Drive i-Road

Politicians test drive i-Road on Capitol Hill

After seeing our nation’s leaders lie, backstab, go back on their word, and, if you live in Canada, maybe even do some drugs with some youths at a strip club or something, it’s kind of nice to be reminded that they are, somewhere deep inside, still human. In fact, Bloomberg recently gave us a look into their fun sides when Toyota went to Capitol Hill to let some politicians test drive i-Road models as part of a demonstration.

The i-Road debuted back in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show and has since made appearances across the globe. Recently, the i-Road began consumer trials in Tokyo before making the trek to Congress.

Politicians Test Drive i-Road

Overall, the politicians in the video seemed to have very positive reactions to the i-Road, not just because it was fun to zip around the meeting room, but because the i-Road could prove advantageous to the United States. Check out how Toyota thinks the i-Road could fit into the U.S. transportation system and see just how much fun your representatives had testing out the new ride in the video below: