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Popular Mechanics Names Super Cruise Breakthrough Award Winner

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General Motors’ Super Cruise technology was named a winner of Popular Mechanics ninth annual Breakthrough Awards. The award recognizes innovative products that advance the fields of technology, medicine, space exploration, automotive design and more. Reception of this award from Popular Mechanics showcases the ground-breaking technology General Motors is developing for Cadillac, moving the auto industry towards cars that are hands-free driving.

The Super Cruise semi-automated driving system assists drivers under certain driving conditions, lightening their workload specifically on freeways. While it is not does not allow the driver to take their engine away from driving like a fully-autonomous driving system would, the system, which includes hands-off lane following, braking and speed control, helps in bumper-to-bumper traffic and during long road trips.

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Currently, the Super Cruise driving assistance system is being tested in real-world driving scenarios. It is possible that it could be available in Cadillac models later in the 2010s.

Cadillac Super Cruise System

Cadillac’s Super Cruise System is on the cutting-edge of car technology.