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Porsche and China Set Sales Goals for 2014

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Porsche and China both are smitten by the Macan

The Macan has proved to be quite popular with fans of Porsche and China residents.

Back in January, Automotive News reported that Porsche’s head of sales and marketing, Bernhard Maier, predicted that China could overtake the United States as the automaker’s largest market by 2015 (if not as soon as this year). Porsche moved 37,425 units in China during 2013, which tailed U.S. sales totals (42,323 units) by less than five thousand models. The proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back may very well be the upcoming Macan, which is scheduled to go on sale later this summer. If the earliest rumblings are any indication of future events, Porsche and China will only make sweet, sweet music together moving forward.

As China Car Times notes, the Macan has already amassed something tantamount to a cult following in China, where a relatively low starting price point (considering that this is Porsche we’re talking about) will likely make the SUV a hit among professionals young and old.

CCT was even so kind as to translate some of the comments left on, which gives us gems such as “My five year post graduation goal,” “This car is going to be everywhere,” and “The Macan will be a major success…” Our favorite, however, might just be the super-effective troll comment, which simply reads “Buy a Tesla.”

Bloomberg is projecting that the Macan will quickly become Porsche’s most popular model in China and other markets. IHS analyst, Ian Fletcher, notes that Porsche may well pass 200,000 vehicles sold during 2014 on the strength of as many as 45,000 Macans sold.

It’s reasonable to assume that Porsche and China—which is projected to sell more than 22 million new cars in 2014—will have quite a bit of celebrating to do if they hit their respective marks by year’s end, and will likely owe one another some debt for helping accomplish those goals.