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Porsche Sees VR As the Next Gen of In-Car Entertainment

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Porsche VR Backseat
Photo: Porsche

Porsche presented a new VR experience at the Next Visions Day at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, giving attendees a taste of what the next generation of in-car entertainment could entail.

When getting inside a Porsche equipped with the technology, passengers would be able to choose between 2D and 3D experiences. In one of the experiences at the motor show, users were flown through a futuristic city; in another, they were taken in an underwater adventure.

Developed with start-up Holoride, the VR software is linked to the car so that it can adapt to its movements in real time. “If the car is being driven around a corner, the vehicle that the passenger is virtually travelling in will also change direction,” Porsche said in a press release, explaining that this could help reduce motion sickness.

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Porsche and Holoride say the technology has a variety of applications. For example, it could be used for educational purposes just as well as for entertainment. The software can also evaluate navigation data to dynamically tailor itself to the estimated time the journey will take.

Holoride’s software is open-source, meaning that other manufacturers can take advantage of the technology. Porsche is an early adopter, but if it goes well for the German manufacturer, you can bet its luxury rivals will look to implement the tech in their own cars.

Holoride is currently working with media company Discovery to create new media content for the VR experience, and aims to make the entertainment technology available for commercially-available VR headsets for rear-seat passengers by 2021.

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