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Porsche Will Not Build Flat-Four, But We’re Getting a Cayman GT4

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Upon hearing that Porsche will not build flat-four engines for the new Boxster and Cayman, thousands of Porsche purists across the world leaned back slowly in their creaky leather chairs, breathing long sighs of relief before leaning forward once more, elbows planted firmly on their desks, fingers steepled, and grinning all evil-like.

Porsche Will Not Build Flat-Four

That’s right: those of you who were blessedly born with the ability to appreciate great things (such as the prospect of a four-pot Porsche) will be no doubt disappointed to hear that particular aspect of Motor Trend’s report from Zuffenhausen today.

You will likely be considerably less unhappy to hear that Porsche plans to have hybrid plug-in versions of the Panamera Turbo S and 911 Turbo S by 2017. The estimated output of these e-Hybrid models is expected to be anywhere between 725-730 horsepower.

You were looking for the appropriate reaction? It’s this:

Porsche Will Not Build Flat-Four

Also mentioned in the report are the Cayenne Coupe and Panamera Sport Turismo, which are certainly tantalizing morsels.

But here’s the big ticket: Porsche is finally making the mid-engine GT4 that those purists have been hollering about seemingly since the dawn of the internet and/or time, and it’s going to be based on the Cayman. The Cayman GT4 will probably carry a price around $125k and a transmission similar to the PDK found in the GT3, though the engine is currently a matter for speculation.

Porsche Will Not Build Flat-Four

Will it be a hybrid powertrain? A flat-six? A hybrid-assisted flat-six? An turbo inline-four? One thing is certain: it ain’t gonna be the flat-four.

Ah, well. Maybe while all of those purists are focused on cleaning off at the sight of their long-beloved GT4, Porsche can surreptitiously start manufacturing flat-fours with backdoor funding from an intrepid capitalist by the name of Snrub.

Porsche Will Not Build Flat-Four

We will have more as it becomes available!