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Porsche’s Future is Electric, CEO Says

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It’s no secret that the automotive industry is rapidly shifting toward electrified powertrains, but some manufacturers — in particular, those selling luxury sports cars to rich enthusiasts — have provided a safe haven for drivers seeking old-fashioned, high-performance internal combustion engines.

But that may not be the case for much longer, as even Porsche, arguably the purist sports car brand, now says its future is electric.

In a conversation with Bloomberg at the annual The Year Ahead: Luxury summit on Thursday, Klaus Zellmer, the president and CEO of Porsche’s North American division, said: “We are in the beginning of a transition phase in the car industry, and to Porsche, to switch over to battery electric fully.”

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Zellmer added that the 911 would be the last of the Porsche cars to go electric, and that while there’s been considerable controversy about how to make the transition happen. He also said that Porsche has been hard at work on improving electric driving range, but that fortunately Porsche customers tend to have less anxiety about this as the rest of the market because they already own, on average, about three cars.

Zellmer predicts that by 2025, every car Porsche sells will be electrified in some way. The company just launched the Taycan, its first all-electric car, and there are already rumors that the next-generation 718 would also be all-electric. Even the Porsche 911, the most iconic sports car in the world, won’t be able to escape the tide.

“To remain what we are, we have to adapt,” Zellmer said. “If we don’t adapt, we’re going to be left out.”

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