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Post-Road Trip Checklist

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When you’re taking a road trip, it can be easy to forget about all of the important boxes to tick when you arrive back home. Make sure to take care of yourself—and your car—when you pull back into your driveway.

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✓ Take a walk

Sitting in the car for long periods of time is really distressing on your body; be sure you’re taking periodic breaks throughout your trip. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, avoid sitting down right away. Take a walk around the neighborhood or go ahead and take your luggage up the stairs; it’s important to get the blood flowing and circulating throughout your body. Plus, who wants to sit back down after being trapped in the car for 8 hours?

✓ Clean out the trash

Face it: if you don’t dump out all of the trash now, you’ll be stuck with it for weeks. Gather up all of the empty water bottles, soda cans, fast food containers, and whatever else might be littering your floor mats and pitch it. You’ll save yourself a headache later.

✓ Give your car a once-over

You should always have your car checked out before embarking on a long journey on the road, but you may want to give it a glance after you get back too. Long road trips can be hard on your vehicle, so be sure there aren’t any damages and that it’s still in tip-top shape.

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✓ Fill up your tank

Picture it: Monday morning, you hop in the car, late for work because you left your productive brain on the coast of Florida, and you realize you’re almost out of gas. Even if you went 90 mph on the highway and made no stops, you’d be late (again), so stopping is sure to get you fired. Don’t let that be you. When you cruise into town on  your way home from your trip, swing by your local gas station and fill up. You’ll thank us later.

✓ Unload your luggage

This is just like what we talked about with the trash. You know if you don’t do it now, you’re most certainly not going to do it later. You’re heading inside anyway, don’t leave the luggage behind. Make one trip and take your luggage inside right away.

Stay safe on your road trip this summer and don’t delay the important things when you get home.