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President Donald Trump Reportedly Considering a $0.25 Gas Tax Increase to Help Pay for His $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

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The rumored gas tax increase would be the first one nationwide since 1993

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President Trump is not ruling out a major gas tax increase to pay for the nation’s infrastructure 
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When President Donald Trump laid out his massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan earlier this week, one of the major questions that was raised was how the plan would be paid for. The Trump administration is reportedly considering several options to help generate the $1.5 trillion needed for the pan’s outline.

One of those options is reportedly a $0.25 increase for the gas tax.

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Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware states that the idea of a $0.25 increase for the gas tax per gallon was brought up several times by Trump during a meeting with lawmakers yesterday. President Trump noted that the federal gas tax hasn’t been raised nationwide since 1993.

“He said that he knew it was a difficult thing for legislators to support and said that he would support the leadership to do that and provide the political cover to do that,” Senator Carper told CNN.

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Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who was also present during the meeting, stated that President Trump wasn’t directly advocating for the gas tax increase. Instead, Senator Inhofe says that Trump was merely considering all of the options.

“All he said was we need to do something and that is still on the table,” Inhofe elaborated.

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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao also briefly discussed the gas tax increase with reporters at the White House. While Chao did not rule out the option of increasing the gas tax, she did describe it as “not ideal.”

It has been noted that the gas tax would have the largest impact on the working class, as well as those with smaller incomes. With less fuel efficient models like SUVs and pickup trucks growing in popularity, a gas tax increase of $0.25 might halt this trend, with many drivers opting for more efficient sedans once again.

most expensive toll roads in america - new jersey turnpike

Toll roads are one of the most popular means of raising money for infrastructure 
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A gas tax increase isn’t the only idea that has been raised for how to tackle the large amount of money needed for the infrastructure plan. Another popular suggestion is an increase in the number of toll roads nationwide.

This appears to be one of the most likely options, as Trump’s infrastructure plan only sets aside $200 billion in aid from the federal government. With local and state governments expected to foot most of the bill, toll roads are one of their most useful tools in doing so.

The debate on how to pay for the $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, or just how much of the plan will come to fruition, remains ongoing.

News Source: CNN