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Pugnacious Peacocks Attack Luxury Vehicles in Surrey, B.C.

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Kung Fu Peacock, busting some moves on a car. 
Photo: Deerhounds

Peacocks have been attacking luxury vehicles in the neighborhood of Surrey, B.C. All it takes is for one of the birds to see their reflection in the vehicle’s exterior, mistake it for another bird, and start pecking and scratching away at the vehicle.

Apparently, the peacock problem isn’t a new one for the residents of Surrey. Just a few weeks back, CBS News did a spotlight on the neighborhood of Sullivan Heights, where up to 150 peacocks were on the prowl.

Besides attacking luxury cars, the peacocks have disrupted the residents’ lives in general. Many of the people are fed up with the birds’ raucous habits, as one resident articulated. “Anytime they’re disturbed they start screaming, and it sounds a lot like crying baby.” They often start hooting in the early morning hours and wherever they go they leave a trail of feces.

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Photo: CarGuy11

The peacocks reportedly originated from a rural property nearby about 10 years ago, when a farmer decided to breed peacocks for recreation. He left the birds behind after he moved away. Since then, they’ve migrated into residential areas in Surrey, annoying occupants wherever they decide to roost.

Peacocks fall outside of the limits of the local animal control in Surrey. In light of this reality, the town is currently holding discussions about how to deal with the peacock prevalence.

Until they find a viable solution, residents might want to consider parking their luxury vehicles in the garage, and/or investing in a car cover to shield their ride from peacock harm.

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News Source: CBS News (here and here)