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Put Your Tax Refund To Good Use And Invest In Vehicle Maintenance

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If you received or will receive a tax refund this year, consider spending some of it on your car, even if it’s currently problem-free. Preventative maintenance is essential to help ensure that your vehicle performs well now and for years to come.

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“Car owners can actually save more money in auto repairs in the long run by routinely spending small amounts on preventative maintenance, including a thorough annual vehicle inspection,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Following the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual is like insurance. By spending a small amount on auto care more regularly, you protect yourself from larger expenses later on.”

A new video from the Car Care Council outlines why investing in regular car care is a smart investment. By paying attention to the maintenance schedule, you can be more confident that your vehicle is performing at its best and reaches 200,000 miles. Plus, regular maintenance checks can spot small problems before they turn into costly issues or threaten your safety on the road. Even though you’re spending money on maintenance, it can lead to cost savings now and down the road.

“Routine car care will also help keep your vehicle running dependably and improve its fuel economy, so you can avoid unexpected car trouble and save more money at the pump,” adds White.

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Routine maintenance, according to the nonprofit includes oil changes, checking the condition of the hoses, belts, HVAC system, tires, and brakes.

Check out the complete video from the Car Care Council below:

News Source: Car Care Council