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Questions to Ask When Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Van

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Questions to Ask seller dealer When Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Van vehicle

Purchasing a van or SUV that’s upfitting with accessible
— or that you plan to have upfitted — is much different than buying any other factory-standard vehicle. It’s important for you to understand what you’re purchasing before obtaining your new ride.

Here are some questions we recommend asking your salesperson before buying a wheelchair accessible van.

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Make sure you ask these questions when buying a wheelchair accessible van

“What are my financing options?”

Accessible vehicles can be expensive, and you don’t want to pursue an arrangement until you know how you’ll be able to cover the costs. Different companies offer different financing options, and some can even help you find rebates and grants. Discuss a payment plan that fits your budget before figuring out the nitty-gritty of vehicle customization.

“What warranties do you offer?”

Since a mobility vehicle is such a big purchase, you need to make sure you have a warranty protecting you in case the vehicle or components break down unexpectedly. Ask the dealer what warranties they give on the work they do. If the vehicle doesn’t come with a warranty, you might want to investigate alternative coverage options.

“What customization services and options do you offer?”

Chances are that even if you’re buying a pre-fitted mobility vehicle, you’ll need to make some tweaks to suit your needs. And in some cases, the vehicle may have to be entirely overhauled. Find out what adaptive conversions and installations the seller offers so you’re aware of any additional work the vehicle will need after you purchase it — and if you have to go elsewhere for that work.

“How have you inspected this vehicle?”

If you’re purchasing a previously owned van that’s being resold, it’s crucial you’re aware of any underlying problems, and a standard vehicle history report won’t communicate that. Ask the seller if they’ve inspected the vehicle and its conversion components, what the inspected involved, and if they found any issues.

Having an honest, informative discussion with the dealer will ensure you get the vehicle you need and don’t encounter any surprises after you sign the paperwork.

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Source: Rollx Vans