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Racecar Drivers Get in a Fist Fight After Collision on the Anderson Speedway [VIDEO]

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Racecar Crash

These two racecar drivers take road rage to a whole new level.

Saturday night, the Anderson Speedway hosted a racing event that ended in a fist fight and two drivers handcuffed in the back of police cars.

The night’s penultimate race began as usual, but during the middle of the race, a black race car, driven by Jeffrey Swinford, was pushed off of the track by #33, Shawn Cullen. After the accident, both vehicles were stopped off of the track, several yards away from each other.

However, in a bout of anger, Swinford decided he couldn’t just let it go – he was pissed and wanted the other guy to know it. Swinford threw his car into gear and made his way over to Cullen’s now-stopped vehicle. After revving his engine a few times, Swinford floored it, sending his black car on top of Cullen’s car.

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Thankfully, Swinford’s vehicle sat on top of the hood of #33 and not the body of the car itself, where Cullen was seated. This gave Cullen ample room to slide out of the vehicle’s window. Only at this point, Cullen was the one who was pissed.

Cullen jumped out of his car, ran over to the driver’s window where Swinford was seated, and began to essentially beat the crap out of him. Fists were swinging from both drivers for a solid 30 seconds, until a police officer chose to subdue Cullen with a taser. Cullen, chest to the ground, was handcuffed and arrested—Swinford was pulled out of his vehicle and arrested shortly after.

Rick Dawson, the owner of Anderson Speedway, was appalled by the incident, offering a statement: “It’s absolutely, totally dangerous. It is a 3,500 lb. race car going after an individual. It’s not different than a gun or a knife, or a bomb as far as I’m concerned. It’s gonna have the same results if things don’t go right.”

While Dawson was opposed to the incident, Jeffrey Swinford’s brother made his own set of comments: “You run into us not once, but twice in the same race,” Mike Swinford said, defending his brother. “What are you gonna do, back up and quit? It’s racing. Is racing a sport where you are gonna back up and let the other go because he is beating your car?”

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The situation was remarkably close to being life and death—a few inches closer to the vehicle’s cabin, and Cullen could have been killed in a second. As humorous as the video may be to watch back (knowing that it ended the way it did), it’s important to remember that, like Dawson said, a vehicle can be used as a weapon—just like any gun, knife, or bomb. Things could’ve been a lot worse.

But, since they weren’t, and comedy equals tragedy plus time, you’ll be happy to know that there is video footage of the entire incident! Feel free to laugh (as we did) at the men in green doing absolutely nothing about the fight.

Watch the full incident here:

News Sources: The Indy Channel, YouTube