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So the Ram Trucker Cover is Going to Be an Actual Thing, Right?

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Ram Trucker Cover April Fools Day
The Ram Trucker Cover: Almost like the real thing but not really
Photo: Ram/YouTube

As April Fools’ Day goes, brands come out of the woodwork with sometimes clever and sometimes not-so-clever comedy content. Ram, to its credit, dropped a good bit this year with a joke ad for the Ram Trucker Cover. Good enough that maybe Ram might think about just making the thing.

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Watch: Ram’s April Fools’ Day spot

The clip starts off with a kind of beautiful simplicity. Here we have a dude, arms crossed, taking in the sight of a new Ford F-150. And of this truck, just one thing is said: “Ugh.” Because, you see, he is not a fan of his friend’s Ford truck. But he has just the thing for that.

Thus, we’re introduced to the Ram Trucker Cover. With the likeness of a Ram 1500 Limited in Delmonico Rear Pearl-Coat, the cover “conveniently converts any F-150 into the amazing, award-winning F-150.” Homeboy pulls it tight over the truck, and voila, booming announcer voice is proven right.

When the actual truck owner steps into frame, he oohs and ahhs over how good his truck looks now that it’s a Ram. But he soon realizes the ruse at hand, and he and his buddy share a hearty — very hearty — laugh.

Ram Trucker Cover April Fools Day Occasions
If your bubbe buys you a bad truck, this truck cover is מדהים
Photo: Ram/YouTube

We also get a fast list of all the other holidays and occasions where a Ram Trucker Cover could come in handy. And what a list it is — you’ve got standards like I Wish I Had a Ram Wednesdays, Divorced Yet Again Parties, Pot Bellied Pig Races, and Taco Tuesday, But on a Thursday.

It’s also noted that the Ram Trucker Cover now works on the Chevrolet Silverado. Presumably, the covers for the Sierra, Titan, and Tundra are still in R&D.

Ram Trucker Cover: Definitely not real (for now)

Though the announcer voice tells us that the Ram Trucker Cover is sold out due to popular demand, we know better. This is but an April Fools Gag and there is no real product. Almost had us going for a minute, didn’t they?

But, you know what? Why not just make this? It could actually be a nice gag gift for friends who banter about truck brands because it’s what they think constitutes a personality. Or it might be nice if you already own a Ram 1500. Xzibit would certainly approve of the idea of putting a truck on your truck.