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Reasons to Exercise Your Car During the Quarantine

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Short drives will help keep your car’s key systems operating smoothly

In this season of coronavirus-inspired social distancing, many people are working from home and reducing the amount of driving they do. As important as it is to get some personal exercise during this time, don’t forget to give your car a workout as well.

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Exercising tips

woman driving
Make sure your car gets some light exercise during the COVID-19 lockdown

Per Lifehacker’s David Murphy, it’s important to drive your car every now and then to keep it in great shape. This will help reduce the chance of the battery dying. It will also reduce the wear on the part of your tires that are in contact with the ground when it’s parked for longer periods than usual during the quarantine.

Cars.com’s Rick Popely recommends driving your car a couple of times a month. Make sure these short trips are at least 10 miles long and that it includes some highway driving, so the engine warms up all the way. These short drives will help “wake up” some of the vehicle’s key systems, like the suspension, transmission, power steering, and brakes. These exercise sessions also give the battery a chance to recharge.

Two helpful tools to invest in

car battery
Your car’s battery needs a little TLC during the quarantine

You should consider investing in a portable jump starter or automatic battery charger, to further protect your battery’s life during the quarantine. Both of these gadgets will help ensure that your car has enough battery juice to run on during social distancing when you can’t enlist the help of a neighbor for a jumpstart.

More maintenance tips

Two other easy ways to keep your car healthy in this hiatus are to wash the exterior and detail the interior. Cleaning your car by hand is a great way to get out of the house for a bit while caring for your ride. Check out these strategies for giving your car the gentle, comprehensive cleanse it deserves. And browse these suggestions for cleaning the cabin so it’s tidy and fresh for your future drives.

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