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Red Bull RB14 Unveiled with Gorgeous Livery

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Red Bull RB14 Special Livery

Red Bull Racing sure knows how to steal a few glances. Exactly a week before the first of the pre-season tests, the Formula One team has revealed its 2018 competitor: the RB14, dressed up in a special livery that is being used during a filming day at Silverstone with one of its drivers, Daniel Ricciardo, and will also be shown off during testing at Barcelona.

The black-and-blue camo livery was also on display on the Aston Martin DB11 that Ricciardo drove to the Silverstone circuit this morning. Clearly, it’s important to match. It’s also not the first time Red Bull unveils its new car with special (and, dare we say, gorgeous) livery. In 2015, the RB11 featured a beautiful and complex black-and-white pattern reminiscent of the dazzle camouflage used on allied ships during World War I.

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These one-off designs are not likely a mere reflection of the team’s fashion sense. Pre-season testing offers a rare occasion for the teams to analyze their competitors’ cars and try to adapt potentially fruitful designs before the season begins. In theory, Red Bull’s camo livery should make it harder for other teams to discern specific aerodynamic elements or details, though you can count on rivals to do their best to see through the disguise. Anything to get an edge.

Though the overall livery will be changed in time for the inaugural race in Melbourne, the car itself is unlikely to see major modifications. The sponsors will remain as well, including the new title sponsorship from Aston Martin, which dominates the rear wing of the car.

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Red Bull RB14 Special Livery Rear