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Reincarnation of a LEAF is Short-Form Day of the Dead Without Gory Stuff

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Reincarnation of a LEAF

Reincarnation of a LEAF: Far less gore than Day of the Dead, but a zombie movie all the same

One of the truly great scenes in the criminally-underrated Day of the Dead occurs in the crypt-like operating theater of Dr. Logan, where the viewer is exposed to any number of failed and ongoing experiments with zombies. Here, we see that “Frankenstein” has taken apart zombie after zombie in his attempts to understand everything he can about the walking dead, up to and including removing one zombie’s head almost completely but leaving its brain intact to demonstrate the body’s continued operation.

One such experiment is a zombie that lies on a table with its stomach completely detached. Despite not being able to receive nourishment from the food it eats, it still wants to eat the doctor like some kind of rotting Pavlovian hound.

We won’t provide any sort of image or video here because…well…it’s pretty gross. Day of the Dead is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so you really should just go check that out (if zombie movies are your sort of thing).

Why do we bring this up? Apart from not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a reference to a great zombie movie from the 1980s, we couldn’t help but think of that particular scene when we watched the “Reincarnation of a LEAF.”

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Yep. Just like Day of the Dead.

Go watch Day of the Dead.