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Reminder: Be Careful in the Heat, Because It Is Hhott

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Summer is supposed to be a time for going and playing outside, but it seems Mr. E. Cornell, while visiting Columbia, South Carolina, highly disagrees.

For reference, it was a little over 100 degrees in Columbia, South Carolina, on June 16th, when Cornell posted that video.

Let’s talk about car temperature.

It’s no surprise that it’s hot in that car—Cornell’s air conditioning would have to work against the car trapping heat from the sun.

Without air conditioning, the temperature in a parked car with its windows up will rise around 20 degrees in the first 10 minutes of sitting in the sun. In 100-degree Columbia, that presses into dangerous, life-threatening levels of heat.

Thank goodness that Cornell had his air conditioning on, because in that heat, the human body’s temperature could rise to above 107 degrees (lethal temperature) in short order.

It’s just as Cornell said: “Hell is a hot place; I don’t want to go.”

So stay cool – if your car doesn’t have air conditioning, roll down those windows, and remember:

“Be good to you. You are the only you you will ever have. Keep it cool.” – E. Cornell