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Reminder: Dyson is Still Developing an Electric Car

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Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner motor

Yes, this Dyson
Photo: JY Zhang

The world is full of wonders. These days, entertainment streams wirelessly into a hundred different devices, CEOs are free to aimlessly and publicly swap petty insults with people around the world, and one of the largest vacuum cleaner manufacturers is moving closer and closer to breaking into the electric car market.

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That last point is one we have talked about before. About a year ago, we got word out of the UK that Dyson was getting government money to help develop its own EV. At the time, I admit that I was skeptical. After all, as the makers of the Elio would tell you, breaking into the car market at all is difficult.

However, it seems that Dyson is steaming full speed ahead on its own electric car. On Thursday, the company announced a new investment plan to buy $151 million into building a 10-mile test track and worker offices at a former Royal Air Force base. The company has already spent about $109 million overhauling the base.

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Sadly, we have practically zero details on what a car made by Dyson would look like. All we have is Dyson’s vague comment to GQ that what it has been working on is “quite radical.” No matter what it looks like, though, it would have a long list of giant car companies arrayed against it. Many of them, like General Motors, have both the mass market and the luxury market covered.

In a statement, Dyson said that it would be seeking permission to build these tracks to test maximum speed and versatility. Dyson CEO Jim Rowan said, “We are now firmly focused on the next stage of our automotive project strengthening our credentials as a global research and development organization.”

News Source: CNN