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Report Scientifically Names Most Popular Cars In Hip-Hop

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Game has mentioned Impalas in 82 songs.

“Pull the rag off the ’64, hit the switch, show the whole world how it go.” – Game

Luxury rides and sport cars have long held a special place in hip-hop. Artists love to rhyme about, show off, and customize their favorite vehicles, but have you ever wondered what the most popular car among rappers really is?

Mercedes-Benz seems to be the answer to that question, according to a recent report published by Medium. Song lyrics from Rap Genius were analyzed for car references and Mercedes-Benz took the crown with more than 4,500 rap songs mentioning their brand. Artists didn’t get too specific about which particular Mercedes-Benz they liked most; they just seem to enjoy shouting them out in general.

When it came to referencing a particular model, it’s not a big surprise the 1964 Chevy Impala was the most popular. In fact, California rapper Game has mentioned the classic Impala in 82 of his songs. The ’64 model came in a number of trims, but the rapper usually uses the two-door convertible style for his music videos.

"Cruising down the street in my six four." -Eazy-E

Rappers Game and Dej Loaf cruise around in a classic Impala for the “Ryda” music video.

Other rappers that like to name drop their favorite automobiles are Atlanta artists Gucci Mane and Migos. Gucci mentioned Bentley in 72 songs and Migos referenced Audi in 29 songs. Coincidently, Gucci and Offset from Migos are currently incarcerated, so neither artist will be spending much time with their favorite vehicles in the near future.

Other popular cars named in the report are Cadillac, Lexus, Porsche, Jeep, Lamborgini, BMW, Ferrai, Bugatti, Jaguar, and Jeep. Sadly, there is no mention of Justin Beiber’s favorite rides he likes to use for his outrageous activities.

Source: Medium.com