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Report: Next-Gen Focus RS Might Use Mild Hybrid Tech, Deliver 400+ Horsepower

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Ford Focus RS Option Pack

In the shadow of Thursday’s onslaught of Ford news—including the first teaser images of the Mustang Shelby GT500, Bronco, and an all-new small off-roading SUV—it might be easy to forget that we’re only about a month out from the debut of the next-generation Ford Focus. The promise of a new, next-gen Focus RS hot hatch might be enough to pull some of the spotlight back onto Ford’s stalwart compact nameplate, particularly if it winds up benefiting from an electrified powertrain.

According to Dutch auto outlet Auto Internationaal, the next-gen Ford Focus RS will incorporate mild hybrid technology that will boost output to an unbelievable 400 horsepower or more. Because, you know, the most recent Focus RS wasn’t crazy enough as it was.

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Per a translation of the original text from Auto Internationaal:

Ford will invest 10 billion euros in the development of no less than 40 (partly) electric models. The new Focus RS is one of them. It will be equipped with so-called mild hybrid technology based on a 48V battery and a starter motor that has a supporting drive function. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo engine is the basic unit again. In the swing-out edition of the current model, the Heritage Edition, it is good for 375 hp and 510 Nm. The upgraded ISG starter motor adds at least 25 hp and 60 Nm. Below the line this results in a hot hatchback that can be mentioned in the same breath with the Audi RS3 and the Mercedes-AMG A 45.

Ford Authority elaborates that the technology in question is a Belted Alternator Starter (BAS) system that replaces the conventional alternator with an electric motor that supplies power to the crankshaft via serpentine belt. Not only will this increase power, but it will also improve the new Focus RS’ efficiency.

Auto Internationaal also suggests that the next-generation Ford Focus ST will debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show with an updated version of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost that puts out between 280-290 horsepower. So, you know. Don’t sleep on the Ford Focus being a headline grabber.

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News Sources: Auto Internationaal, Ford Authority