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Respected BMW Regains Title of World’s Most Reputable Company

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Handshake BMW most respected global company 2015

The Reputation Institute is back with its 2015 list of the most respected companies in the world. The New York-based private consulting firm has been evaluating influence and prominence around the globe for 18 years, publishing its respected Global RepTrak 100 list for the past 10 years.

Two years ago, BMW earned the honor of being the world’s most reputable company, after entering the top 10 for all seven categories for the second year in a row. It beat out The Walt Disney Company (second place) and Rolex (third place). In 2014, BMW slipped to the #3 position, edged out by Disney and Google.

For 2015, the German automotive king has retaken its throne as the world’s most reputable company.

How BMW Became the World’s Most Reputable Company

Each year, the Reputation Institute assigns a numeric RepTrak score to the 500 largest companies in the world, then ranks the top 100 in a list of the “most reliable.” The results are based on a three-month-long survey of 61,000 people in 15 countries.

According to the firm’s executives, BMW put a lot of attention on consumers’ and stakeholders’ input and satisfaction over the last five-to-ten years. Because of that, BMW receives more recommendations from consumers to buy the brand’s products and more willingness from consumers to buy those products. “Its reputation as a distinctive brand with a premium on reliable engineering and safety helps it rise to the top in consumers’ minds,” Bloomberg explained.

The real story, however, has been Google’s #2 ranking in light of the European Union’s recent quest against the company.

News Source: Forbes