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Return of the El Camino Could Be Sparked by Six-Year-Old

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Return of the El Camino?

1967 Chevrolet El Camino SS
Photo: © General Motors

In the age of, the idea of petitioning your state and federal representatives has taken on an entirely different slant. Still, there are little means better for getting one’s point across than a good ol’ fashioned heartfelt, hand-written letter.

If it happens that we hear something about a brand-new Chevy El Camino in the very near future, we can all thank six-year-old Rafael Barkan because it will have likely been a direct result of this heart-smashingly cute letter:

Photo: Best Ride

Photo: Best Ride

The text reads:

TO Mary Barra GMC CEO

Please Start Making El Caminos

again. thank you

FRoM Rafael Barkan and Steve Barkan

According to Road and Track, Rafael and his father, Steve, live in SoCal, where little Rafael has rapidly become an El Camino enthusiast.

“We see them occasionally on the road, and Rafael asks me why they don’t make them anymore,” Steve told R&T. “I told him I didn’t know, but perhaps not enough people were buying them. He said that we should make sure the company knew that people would buy them if they started making them again.”

Helping Rafael along are the 1,111 people who have signed at iPetition. As has been pointed out, the El Camino is not completely dead; a version is currently sold in Australia as the Holden Ute and in South Africa and Middle East as the Lumina Ute.

Holden Ute Satellite

Looks good to us!

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