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Review: Get Her Covered’s All-Season Windshield Cover

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As the winter winds gradually blow themselves out and are replaced by summer’s humid, beating rays, I have been struck by one particular fact: my air-conditioning-less car does a fine impression of a tropical greenhouse when left in the sun. On a fine, 70-degree spring day, I left from work to find that the interior of my car had apparently been replaced by a sauna, racking up 84 degrees on the car’s thermometer.

So, when The News Wheel received an “all-season windshield cover” from Get Her Covered, which specifically touted its abilities to not just be a screen against snow and ice in the winter but also a barrier against sun in the summer, I was all over that.

Product: All-Season Windshield Cover–midsized unit
Manufacturer: Get Her Covered
Price: $99.95
Size: Windshield: 71-inch bottom x 56-inch top x 44-inch sides, Windows: 44-inch bottom edge x 26-inch top/leading edge x 19-inch rear edge
Website: http://gethercovered.com/index.html

Gethercovered windshield cover SUV cloth shade review

Product Information

It’s not too difficult to figure out what a windshield cover is for. However, this windshield screen actually covers both of your front windows in addition to the windshield, so there’s a bit more protection being offered from the sunshine. Of course, this will do nothing for the rear windows, so make sure you aren’t parking with your nose in the shade and rear exposed to the sun.

Plus, this product fits outside your car rather than inside it, making it useful both in the summer against the sun and in the winter against snow.

GetHerCovered window cover

Product Quality/Use

Get Her Covered’s windshield screen possesses that essential quality that all sun-shielding screens should have—it is opaque. In addition, the door-pocket system held the screen nicely on my Pontiac G6, and when I got in, it was noticeably cooler than usual—even a few degrees cooler than it was outside.

The screen itself is made of a canvas-like cloth, soft enough not to scratch your car, but not too soft as to be penetrated by the weather or easily torn. On each end are large pouches, meant to slip over the top of your front doors to hold it in place and prevent theft (unlike the ball-on-string approach of other screens we have looked at).

Gethercovered windshield cover fabricThe only problem, really, was that the screen didn’t quite fit my car. The version I tested was designed for “mid-size cars” as well as SUVs, trucks, etc., and I wouldn’t consider my four-door G6 small. However, in order to have the screen work well on SUV doors, the pockets are significantly more box-shaped than my dashingly back-swept doors, so at first the screen whipped back and forth wildly in the wind.

That is, until I thought of the simplest fixes there was—just tuck in the excess material (the manufacturer mentions this fix for the mid-sized cover). Thankfully, the material was rigid enough that I didn’t risk slamming my fingers in the door when I pushed the material in the crack. After that, the screen was secure.

GetHerCovered windshield cover

Overall Conclusion

The screen covered what it claimed it would—both front windows, plus the windshield and the wiper blades—and did so without needing suction cups or super-strong magnets. Of extra note is that it did so on a vehicle that it did not exactly fit, as the excess cloth allowed a certain amount of flexibility.

So, although I was unable to test the cover’s ice and snow protection, overall I would say that it is a great product, which is very proud of its American-made heritage (although it will very happily be shipped to Canada). The manufacturer is even willing to give you a refund if you return the cover in dissatisfaction. All in all, it looks pretty good.

The only sticking point is the price, which reaches about $100. However, Get Her Covered seems confident that while its covers are not the cheapest, they are certainly the highest quality, even offering a web link to competing, presumably cheaper windshield cover (at time of writing, the other windshield cover was unavailable, but was peppered with several very poor reviews). In other words, you get what you pay for, here.

Get Her Covered primarily markets its full-size cover at the same price, and provides a list of vehicles the larger cover fits (although it is not an exhaustive list, as it will apparently fit “many more” than the vehicles mentioned). It can be purchased in basic cloth, mossy oak, or American flag designs.

Ger Her Covered’s All-Season Windshield Cover is sold through the manufacturer’s website.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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