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Review of Keyport Products: Consolidate the Clutter with Slide 3.0 & Pivot

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The new ways to organize your car keys

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory Pivot Slide 3.0

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Life can easily become filled with clutter. Before you know it, your purses and pockets are filled with cumbersome doohickeys and doodads that you feel like you’re the “fail example” in an infomercial. Luckily, there are ways to simplify. With smartphones acting like digital multi-tools that combine phones, cameras, and computers into a single device, wouldn’t it be just as useful if you could do the same with your bulky, unwieldy key sets?

A couple years ago, Keyport had the idea to revolutionize key rings into multi-tools that compactly organize useful items into a single portable unit. After raising money on Kickstarter in 2014 to upgrade its products, Keyport released its premium Slide 3.0 in 2016 to match its streamlined Pivot unit.

Spotlight on Keyport Slide 3.0 & Pivot: The Everyday Multi-Tools

Manufacturer: Keyport, Inc.
Slide 3.0: MSRP $39.00 (4-port). Approx 2.8″ long. Comes in black, blue, red, and silver
Pivot: MSRP $19.99. Approx 3″ long. Comes in black, blue, red, and silver
Website: https://mykeyport.com/

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory Slide 3.0

Product Information

Keyport has created two clever ways to streamline your key ring and consolidate essential pocket items: the Pivot and the Slide.

  • The Pivot is the simple and entry-level key organization unit that allows owners to take their existing keys and attach them to a screw-together chassis.
  • The Slide (currently the Slide 3.0) is the premium unit that carries more possibilities for customization. Its specially-made key molds and other accessories retract into the metal case using sliding nodes.

Both can be equipped with a variety of add-on accessories sold by Keyport, including a USB stick, pen tip, LED light, knife, and Bluetooth locator.

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory Slide Box Package

Product Packaging

When purchasing Keyport products, buyers select which base unit and add-on items they want. Each item is individually pre-packaged with the entire order shipped together in one parcel.

The main Keyport units are fantastically packaged in highly attractive and professional-looking boxes. The product information is clearly printed, the unit itself is shown in the box through a clear plastic screen, and the unit comes in a foam or plastic insert. There are no surprises here when you open it; everything is as it’s advertised.

Supplementary items come in either plastic sealable mini-bags  or encased in bubble wrap in mall tuck boxes. These are much plainer and simpler than the base units, but the streamlined packaging still does the job.

Unless the parcel was severely harmed in transit, it’s highly unlikely that any of the contents will bear any hints of damage when received.

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory Slide Pivot Boxes instrucitons

Instructions to Use Product

Keyport provides users with multiple methods for learning how to configure the products. All the packages include QR codes that point to instructional videos on the company’s website. There are also product diagrams and tips on the boxes and/or on paper pamphlets inside. Each add-on piece includes either a business card-sized step-by-step guide to insert it into the Keyport Slide or a QR code to a video.

The Pivot is a cinch to figure out using the included instruction booklet. You likely won’t need video assistance unless you’re having problems. It’s made to be simple and easy to use, only taking a couple steps to assemble.

The Slide 3.0 is more complicated and will require you to watch a video to ensure you assemble it properly–especially since the unit I received looked like it was supposed to include an instruction pamphlet but didn’t.

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory Slide Assembly

Overall Assessment: Does It Do What It Claims?

Simply put, the idea behind Keyport products is brilliant, and the execution is terrific.

Judging by the streamlined design, quality components (a combination of heavy plastic, stainless steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum), and simple assembly, a lot of time and money was spent developing these products. These aren’t cheap, fragile items you’re investing in. Keyport base units are strong enough to last for years, though you will probably have to switch out certain accessories now and then (such as the pen tip, since it doesn’t hold a lot of ink).

Keyport Key Product Review Car Accessory PivotThe assembly of the Keyport items wasn’t difficult thanks to well-made instruction guides. It will require some extra effort if you’re adding keys to the Slide 3.0 unit; you will need to have copies of your personal keys cut into the templates. You’ll receive a card showing its personnel are members of the Associated Locksmiths of America and Society of Professional Locksmiths. The Pivot and Slide 3.0 don’t fit bulky keys with plastic heads like automotive keys, so you’ll have to get copies cut to fit. There is a handy D-ring on both base units to attach key fobs or reward card stubs.

The LED light doesn’t function as well as a full flashlight, but it does the trick for close-up visibility. It has replaceable batteries for when it dies. The pocket knife is solid and quite sharp–I cut myself on it when opening it! Altogether, the components assembly loosely without flopping or sliding around. Everything stays in place when you close it. Everything is precisely measured, without leaving any wiggle room.

I particularly appreciate the registration/tracking system encouraging the return of lost keys.

While Keyport products won’t completely replace the typical key rings that most people use, it’s an excellent alternative for those who need something more portable and prefer the sophistication of a streamlined key organization system. I highly recommend having a set of these for when you travel, such as on business trips, and you don’t want a bulky key ring to carry around.

Keyport items and accessories, including the Pivot and Slide 3.0, are available via the company’s website.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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