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Review: Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Absorbs Nasty Car Smells

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Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Review Bamboo Charcoal Car Freshener

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It’s impossible to maintain that “new car smell” forever. Eventually, spilled food, mud smears, pet stank, and body odors will turn the clean upholstery into nauseating reservoirs of filth. You can try to reduce the noxious smells by hanging an air freshener from the rearview mirror, but how well does that truly work?

Moso Natural produces and sells bags that contain non-toxic, chemical-free bamboo charcoal. Unlike other air fresheners that fill the air with strong scents to cover up existing ones, Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags claim to cleanse the air by absorbing odors, bacteria, and various pollutants. I tested one to see if it’s as effective as it claims.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag (200 m.g. Car & Closet-Size)

Manufacturer: Moso Natural
UPC: 793573825803
Price: $9.95
Size: 200mg, 5.5″ x 6.0″
Website: http://mosonatural.com/

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Review Bamboo Charcoal Car Freshener instructions

Product information & instructions for use

Each Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is generously stuffed with moso bamboo charcoal, which absorbs excess moisture and neutralizes odors. According to the manufacturer, moso bamboo charcoal “has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful gases, including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and chloroform,” as well as petroleum and other carcinogenics.

To use the Moso Natural bag, remove it from its plastic sleeve. Once a month, leave the bag outside on a dry, sunny day for 1+ hours so the UV rays can purify the charcoal. Then, the bag is ready for use in your car (the instructions are printed on the bag in case you forget). The cloth sack itself is durable and are unlikely to fall apart during their two years of use. The inclusion of the grommet on the bag’s corner offers a useful way to hang the bag to keep it from being trampled in the car.

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Overall assessment: Does it do what it claims?

When my wife and I bought our brand-new Hyundai Elantra in 2014, it smelled glorious — in other words, it smelled clean. Over the years, we’ve taken that blue compact car on many long road trips. The more we’ve used the car, the more we’ve spilled on it and dirtied it. Although we don’t have kids or pets, we’ve smeared the seats and floors with road trip meals, hiking equipment, spilled groceries, and our own body odors. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Review Bamboo Charcoal Car Freshener package

A couple years ago, my wife started using air fresheners to improve the smell of the car (which she wrote about in her review here), but such potent air fresheners weren’t good for her breathing and tended to give her headaches. When we learned about Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, we were intrigued. Could this chemical-free, odor-free product be an alternative to the oft-useless cardboard air fresheners?

We received sample bag from Moso Natural — the 200 m.g. bag suitable for closets and cars — and left it in the Elantra for 30 days. Since the car filled with a cacophony of odors during our holiday travels, this was the perfect opportunity for testing. Admittedly, I didn’t expect to notice a difference right away with the Moso Natural bag’s presence, but I did. When opening the door in the mornings, the cabin air was clean and crisp–sometimes more than the muggy atmosphere outdoors. The odd lingering smells from the back seats were far less noticeable and rarely wafted to the front seat anymore, instead being neutralized by the little green bag in the back window.

At $9.99, and advertised to last for up to two years, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is a great deal. Although we haven’t gotten to try the product long enough to see if it lasts the full two years, we’re still pleased with the results. Our car smells better, and it is less stuffy, which makes it a must-have on long car rides.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags are available via the company’s website.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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