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Review: Suzuki Intruder 150 CC Cruiser Motorcycle

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Suzuki IntruderIn the past several decades, the Suzuki Intruder has seen several modifications and has made a mark as a brawny, new age cruiser bike from the illustrious Japanese manufacturers. Due to emerging demand for a reasonable cruiser motorcycle with ergonomic design and style, Suzuki has seen a considerable sales growth in the motorcycle market.

Enter the new 150cc Suzuki Intruder.

Suzuki Motorcycles are known for their dramatic design and performance. No wonder, then, that the new Intruder is joining the race as another head-turner on roads. Since Suzuki is one of the most admired motorcycle brands among bike enthusiasts who are looking for style and comfort, its bikes sell like hot cakes.

The Suzuki Intruder 150 holds close ties with the popular Suzuki Gixxer 150 in terms of engine, suspension, and chassis. The design is inspired by its big brother, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R. Though the bike is equipped to offer a great ride even on the worst of road undulations, purchasing two-wheeler insurance is always advisable to safeguard yourself and your bike against any unforeseen events on road.

Let’s delve into some of the exceptional features and specifications of the Suzuki Intruder 150 CC.

Suzuki Intruder 150cc

The new Suzuki Intruder has a very distinctive design. It offers a relaxed riding position and the handlebar is compact. The bike has been styled to meet the daily commuting needs of the riders along with cruiser elements. It’s a contemporary motorcycle, but its substructures are inspired by the enormously successful 155 cc Suzuki Gixxer. It has the same four-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled carbureted engine, but there are certain changes in the gear ratio and the exhaust and even the air-box is slightly bigger. Consequently, it does feel and sound different from the Suzuki Gixxer.


The total length of the bike is 2130mm, with 805mm width and 1095mm height. The Intruder has a 1045mm long wheelbase and 170mm of ground clearance. The fuel tank has a 11-litre capacity and weighs 148 kg. In short, an aesthetic design with robust ergonomics and an easily accessible 740 mm seat makes the new Suzuki Intruder an all-inclusive package for riders.

Engine & Transmission – The new Suzuki Intruder has  a four-stroke, one-cylinder, air cooled engine with SOHC and two Valves. Maximum power is 14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm and maximum torque is 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm. It is a self-start bike with 5 Speed Gear-Box.

Brakes – The new Suzuki Intruder comes with disc front and rear brakes.

Suspensions – The new Suzuki Intruder has telescopic fork front suspension and swingarm rear suspension.

Fuel – the new Suzuki Intruder offers decent Mileage of 44 Kmpl. It runs only on petrol and has 11 liters of fuel capacity.


The Suzuki Intruder carries with itself a smooth and robust engine that offers extraordinary pull and advanced performance while riding. It deserves full marks for being an impressive performer with the bike riders. Even with 148 kg of curb weight, the bike is still quite swift.

The engine responds with entertaining refinement if you keep it spinning over 4,000 rpm. The engine has less than 15 Nm of torque and 15 bhp, but it is aptly designed for daily commute. Clearly, the engine overpowers all the other features; it would never run out of breath or show signs of any distressed performance. Even when driving at a speed of 100kmph, the bike would succeed in bringing a smile to your face with the smoothness of its five-speed gearbox. Find more high performance cruiser bikes at Chopper Exchange.


The bike offers a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. The chassis and suspensions are borrowed from the Suzuki Gixxer. The difference is that the Intruder comes with a little longer swingarm offering an elongated, low-slung exterior. The bike doesn’t sacrifice its on-road performance for its cruiser style. Nevertheless, for a safer ride on roads, it is recommended to have a two-wheeler insurance policy handy. As cliché it may sound, prevention is always better.

Pricing and Market Positioning

Priced at Rs. 98,340 (ex-showroom, Delhi), it is known to be the first low capacity cruiser bike in India from Suzuki. It falls under the same segment as Suzuki GZ150 that was launched in some South American markets. Considering the great combination of design and engineering that Intruder 150 possesses, it is set to maintain the benchmark of crossing a million in sales by the year 2020. With the new Intruder, Suzuki continues to be one of the largest motorcycle brands, and the new Intruder is all set to be exported to different markets across the globe.

Summing it up

For anyone who is looking for a bike under the price segment of 1 lakh, the Suzuki Intruder is a clear winner with its comprehensive specifications and remarkable performance.

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