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Rio Olympics Gets Wi-Fi Thanks to iPass and Uber Partnership

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Olympic Rings

The Rio Olympics will have Wi-Fi thanks to a new partnership
Photo: Dave Catchpole

It’s no secret that Rio de Janeiro has had some difficulty getting ready for the magnitude of the Olympics. From Instagram posts showcasing the poor conditions in the Olympic Village to reports of robberies at gunpoint to disgusting-looking pool water, the Games have been plagued with negative news.

Thanks to Uber and iPass, though, people in Rio have one thing they don’t have to worry about—and that’s connecting to Wi-Fi.

That’s right, people. Even if your toilet isn’t working and the water in your hotel room is brown and smelly, you can at least post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about it.


In a new collaboration, iPass will give Uber riders access to its wireless network of more than 1,350 iPass commercial hotspots across the city. This means that Uber users can share their Olympic experiences even when the sheer number of people using their cell phones ruins the speed of cell service.

“Mobility is a major challenger during an event of this magnitude,” said Gui Telles, general manager of Uber in Brazil. “To help Uber riders have a seamless experience, we are partnering with iPass to provide access to Wi-Fi all around Rio.”

The president and CEO of iPass, Gary Griffiths, echoed these words in his own statement, saying, “We are extremely excited to be working with Uber to provide Wi-Fi access to its international rider base in Rio. Like Uber, iPass is in the business of connecting people. And therefore, we see this as a natural partnership.”

This promotion began with the start of the Olympic Games on August 5th, and will run until the event is over on August 21st. If you happen to find yourself in Rio during the Olympics, just make sure your Uber account is up-to-date so you can upload your newest Instagram posts.

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