Morgan Pritchett
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RIP Vine. Your Six Seconds of Fame Are Officially Over

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On Thursday afternoon, Twitter announced that they would be discontinuing the popular six-second video sharing app Vine. In the announcement, little was said about the reasoning behind the decision to shut down. The only other information that was shared was the promise that users will be able to access and download their content prior to the final death notice (that date has not been set). The company representatives thanked their many supporters, fans, and creators over the years and assured them that they will be notified before any big changes take place.


Vine was founded in 2012 by Rus Yusupov, Dom Hofmann, and Colin Kroll. They sold the video service to social media giant Twitter for an estimated $30 million. From there, users posted a tremendous variety of content ranging from quick comedy skits to twerking fails to hilarious memes. Many can claim Vine as the start to their fame, such as pop singer Shawn Mendes, who originally started posting quick covers of songs on the app. Countless others starting gaining more popularity and eventually started to acquire sponsorships and gigs at popular celebrity events, such as the MTV Video Music Awards.


We’re sad to see the app’s demise but we can’t say we’re not completely surprised. Many creators that rose to fame have started to travel to other social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram in an attempt to achieve long-term success.

To commemorate the short life of Vine, here are just a few of our favorite car themed Vines. Enjoy!